Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New neighbor

We live in the Fayetteville Shale area of central Arkansas. A big gas boom began several years ago and land owners all over the area leased their mineral rights in hopes that the gas companies would pump gas from their section and they would receive royalties. For years we watched as sections all around got wells put on them. I've jokingly stated that becoming a rich oil tycoon will be my only hope for a house addition and a decent car to drive. Well our time has come. There is a huge oil rig on the land that borders ours. It's been exciting watching the process as they formed the pad, hauled in load after load of gravel, did initial drilling and now as they erected the big rig. And we can't help but dream about the what ifs. Jody says we're going to feed the pig. I say we can feed the pig with his portion of the royalties and build a house addition with mine.

The view from our driveway. You can see the rig peeking out between the trees:

The view of the rig from our road: