Monday, November 27, 2006

I should start by saying I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. After preparing a feast for 25+ people, I must say I have a new respect for restaurant cooks. I absolutely loved having my family here. They live too far away. The house has been too quiet since they left. I wish they would move here already.
I went Christmas shopping today and came home with two measly presents. I stink at shopping. I have to admit it would be a lot more fun if I had money, but such is my life. One thing I am certain is that I need to buy Paxton a pack of the Bob the Builder Tummy Ticklers. The boy actually screamed at the top of his lungs in excitement when we passed them on the drink aisle. $6 for a 3 pack of juice drinks is steep for my blood but what the heck: it’s Christmas.
The missionaries called tonight and wanted me to go with them to teach a family that is interested in learning more about our church. Apparently they are a young family with two small children. I had to decline since Olivia has a cold. It would have been a neat opportunity. They said they will call and let me know how it goes. Hopefully I can be of more assistance next time.
I need to decide when we are going to Nebraska for Christmas. Jody was acting like he wouldn’t come so I was hesitant but he now assures me he will be there for Christmas. I’m thinking next Thursday but I want to clean it with Olivia’s teacher first. Hopefully the sickies will be gone by then too.

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Joy Leighanne said...

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. :D I can't believe you are thinking about leaving for Christmas so soon. I hope you enjoy the time with your family.