Friday, June 08, 2007

Busy bee

The next couple of days are going to be busy. Why does it seem like everything happens at once? Tomorrow is Olivia's "pretend birthday". I need to bake the cake today. I think I will wait until tomorrow morning to frost it. I need to wrap presents but that will have to wait until she goes to the ILs. I also need to make pasta salad. We talking about going to the lake today with some friends but nothing has been confirmed. We are supposed to get bad weather this afternoon/evening so I would rather go early. These same friends want the kids to come over and swim on Sunday. Sometime in amongst all this fun, I need to pack for Nebraska. The plan now is that we will leave right after my OB appt on Monday. I can hit I-40 in NLR and bipass the long boring trip on 64. My appt it at 9 so I should be in and out quickly. The only thing is I have to be packed and ready to go by 8 in order to make it to the clinic by 9. It should be interesting.

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