Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good to go

I had my 4 week postpartum check-up today. Funny how the weirdest things make me sad. I have three pounds to lose and I will be at my prepregnancy weight. Everything is healed and back to the way they should be. I would say normal but I don't remember what that is anymore. I got a script for the minipill and suggestions for dealing with my hemorrhoids. I go back in a year for my annual pap. The nurse sent suckers home for the kids. I wish they could have gone with but they would have had way too many questions that I don't want to answer yet.

Christmas shopping was unproductive. Jody and I are too cheap to pay full price for toys that you can get at a yard sale for fifty cents. I did pick up some glass bottles and onesies for Sawyer. I am exhausted from lack of sleep, trying not to cry and being on the go. I vow to go to sleep as soon as Sawyer does tonight. I need to get some shut eye so I can feel a little more human.

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