Monday, December 01, 2008

Bargain Shopping

The KMart in my area finally has double coupons this week. I did some research online and got my game plan ready last night. I loaded up the kids this morning and off we went to do some bargain shopping.

As I was walking into the store, there was a man selling subscriptions to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Jody has mentioned several times that we should order the paper since we usually buy one on Friday and Sunday. The man offered me two weeks worth of papers for free and a $30 KMart gift card if I signed up today. After two weeks, the paper will be $2.88 a week. That's about what we've been spending on papers every week anyway. He also gave me two copies of the Sunday paper which means more coupons for me!

After applying the $30 gift card, I got everything in the picture plus a Christmas dress for Olivia and a Crest Spin brush for Paxton for $35.04. Can you say what a deal?! We are going back to KMart on Thursday to get family pictures made. I wonder what other deals I can round up before now and then.

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