Friday, January 09, 2009

I took Sawyer to the ped today because he's been having some worrisome episodes. He starts making a weird nose with his lips, his head pulls back and his legs tense and curl up. He usually has about a dime size worth of poo after it's over. I originally thought it was because he was constipated and it hurt to poo. But the episodes are getting worse and his bms aren't hard anymore. It occured to me that he might be pooing because of the episode and not vice versa. I counted yesterday and he had at least 10 episodes. My mommy radar says something is not right.

The ped confirmed my suspicions and thinks it may be seizures. He is referring us to a pediatric neurologist. He wants Sawyer to have an EEG and we will go from there. They are suppose to call me with an appt date on Monday.

I'm trying not to freak out. It is what it is and we will deal with it. One of the scariest thing for me is the meds used to treat seizures. I've seen the side-effects they had on Anna. They are some strong stuff. Part of me wants to hold Sawyer and cry. Watching him have these episodes is heartbreaking. I know it has to be scary for him, and he is too young to understand what is happening. I am going to get him a priesthood blessing tomorrow. Hopefully there are some words of comfort in it. If you would pray for my sweet little baby boy I would greatly appreciate it.

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