Monday, February 02, 2009

Diagnosis unknown

It's been a long day. We didn't sleep well. Sawyer has a horrible cough and is wheezing and was restless. We left at 7:30. The clinic is 2 long hours away. Sawyer had the EEG. He was up early and we didn't let him sleep on the way there because they wanted him asleep for the study. He cried the saddest cries not because he was in pain, but because they were touching him and gluing electrodes all over his head. I was glad my sister was with me because Jody would not have been able to handle it. They did the test, we left and got a bite to eat and we headed back to meet with the neuro. The EEG was normal but by the descriptions of what is happening and the video of an episode I have my cellphone, he suspects it is complex partial seizures. He wants us to videotape some more episodes so he has "more ammunition" to work with. We are to go back next Wednesday with the videos and decide on a course of action. He gave us a prescription for a medicine in case he has a bad seizure that he doesn't come out of. If it is seizures, they will put him on topomax for at least two years. While we were there another ped heard Sawyer's cough and said it was worse than any of the patients she had seen today. I commented that he was wheezing and he's been on antibiotics for a week. She said he needed steroids so they wrote a script for that too. The two hour drive home seemed like it took forever. Sawyer slept the whole way. Poor thing. Now that we are home, I realize that he's running a low grade fever too. He looks sick. If he's not doing better in the morning, I'll probably make an appt with out reg ped. I can't imagine him being so sick after having a shot of roseffin (sp?) and being on oral antibiotics. I feel so bad for him being so sick after going through everything else today. Anyway, I'm exhausted. I think I'm going to give Sawyer a bath and try to get some of the goop out of his hair and then we will curl up in bed. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. They've really meant a lot to me.

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