Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Warning...rant ahead

Who's idea was it to make all television stations go digital?! It had to be some congressman that lives in a big city with his fancy satellites and cable tv. The transition from analog to digital is a joke. There was no transition here. We could get analog stations. And even if it wasn't the best signal, you could see a fuzzy picture and hear what was happening. Now that all the channels are digital, we are lucky to pick up one station. If the signal gets interrupted at all, we get to watch morphed looking people flash and freeze across the screen and listen to an irritating scratching sound. And don't think we haven't attempted to get a better signal. We bought a fancy antenna and strapped it up 20 ft above the peak of our roof. Has it helped? Nope. All it has done is add to the frustration. I wonder what will happen when the next big weather system comes through. All of us that live in small town America won't be able to watch the weather and be prepared for what is coming. I wonder how many people will be injured because they can't access the information that could save their lives. And the most frustrating thing- there is nothing we can do about it. Arg!


Lisa said...

That sucks Sarah. I'm sorry. You need to make sure you have a good weather radio just in case. We have one and ROb swears by it! Scares the crap out of me on bad weather nights when the alarm goes off! lol

Misti said...

You need the converter box, you get a coupon for $40, order the $40 box and hook it up. It's free.
Let me see if i can find the link. you can get digital TV with the box.
My cousins did this and they live in the boonies...like not on google map boonies (like you).

Misti said...

well crap...i wish i had known you didn't know know about this. it expired in July

but you can still buy a converter box.

but you could have got a free one!! dang it!!

Sarah said...

Our tv has a digital tuner built in it. We live in a black zone where we can't get the digital signal. They failed to consider people like us when they made the switch. :(