Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dog bite

MIL took Olivia to Jody's brother's house to swim. They have a little girl that's Olivia's age and a little boy that's 2. Olivia and her cousin were going in the house to change clothes. BIL and SIL have 3 chows. Olivia tried to get through the gate and one of the dogs was standing there. She tried to be friendly and walk by, and it bit her. Apparently she is the 5th person this dog has bitten. Poor girl is hurting and it doesn't help that she's a drama queen.

The part that really stinks is Olivia is already afraid of dogs. Now she's really going to freak out when one comes around her.

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Catherine said...

Poor kiddo! I've gotta is a dog allowed to bite five people? One bite and a dog generally gets put down here.