Sunday, February 19, 2006

A cold winter's day

There's nothing better then a cold winters day. There is a feeling that comes with looking out your window to see a white covered landscape. I love seeing the icicles that hang from the trees and the roof. I love seeing the tracks the animals leave behind as they scurry by. I love how the world is stuck in a fragile, frozen stillness.

And I feel a touch of sadness as it all begins to melt away. First a small drip and then a slow steady flow of water falling to the earth. And all that is left behind is a wet, muddy mess. But, for a moment, the world was a cold winter's day.


Tom "Pa" said...

As the wind bites at my cheeks and snow crunches underfoot, I am awed at the power of God, who will soon warm the earth and cause flowers to spring forth from ground that is now frozen and seemingly lifeless.

aNNa said...

Sister! I'm glad we all have blogs. Your's is awesome. Thanks for sharing with us!