Thursday, February 09, 2006

Poor baby

Tuesday night Olivia climbed in bed with us and slept restlessly. I figured something was up. Wednesday she had a bit of a runny nose. Wednesday night she was back in bed with us. Thursday the poor thing looked awful. Her face was red and puffy, her sinuses were congested, her nose was runny and her left eye was weepy. She laid around like a little rag doll all afternoon and evening. Last night I had our hometeacher come give her a blessing. In it he said I would know what to do to take care of her. Last night she ended up back in our bed. I got up at 2 and gave her medicine because she was running a fever.

After consulting with my dad this morning, I decided to make her an appointment. The ped. said she has an ear infection that is affecting her eye (explaining the weepiness). Apparently there is an ear-eye yuck that is going around and Olivia was unfortunate enough to catch it. She's on a new antibiotic (that I pray she doesn't have a reaction to) and motrin for the fever. She insisted on going to Mamaw's house so she is up with her. It's probably for the better since Paxton tries to climb all over her when she lays on the couch here. I worry about my poor baby girl. Say a little prayer for her.


Joy Leighanne said...

Poor thing. You can tell in that picture that she is miserable. I hope she is better soon.

Sandy said...

aww, look at her little face. I hope she feels better soon!!

Froggie Mama said...

Poor little sweetheart! She looks so pitiful! Hope she starts feeling better soon!! Many prayers.