Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Return

I was sitting here thinking to myself that I should upload a picture for Wordless Wednesday. I went to a friend's blog where I realized it is in fact Thursday. I'm a day late and a dollar short.

I went to JCPenneys today to return three shirts. The were layering tees and looked oh so comfy, but when I tried them on the neckline went all the way down below my boobs. Not a good thing if you are at all modest. I washed them hoping they would shrink a little, but no such luck. I saved the tags just incase. So I went to return them today. The cashier chick gets ready to scan them, hesitates, and asks if I washed them. Yes, I say. Well we don't normally take items that have been washed so I need to call a manager. Ok, I didn't wash them. Does that help? So she calls the manager and loudly explains the situation to the manager well within earshot of me. The manager comes over looking all confused like no one has ever returned clothes before and, she has no idea what to do. She asks what's going on and looks all tore up about the whole situation. Normally people know the clothes don't fit before they wash them she says. Well dumb me! I'm just a simple stay at home mom that doesn't know the correct process for returning unwanted, misshapen clothes. She sighs and crumbles and finally tells cashier chick to go ahead and take the clothes back and under the reason for return put "washed". And you had to hear the way she said washed. So cashier girl takes them back and runs the return and gives me my money back in a not so friendly way. And I wonder why I don't enjoy shopping.

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