Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Super Mom

Today we went to Taco Bell where apparently a prerequisit for employment is that you must be missing one or more of your teeth. Not the point of my story though. We were waiting for our order when Olivia cries out that her flip flop has broken. She's like, "Mommy what can I do? It's BROKEN!" I look at her. I look at the flip flop. I look at her. I have no answer. I don't know what to do. It's broken. There aren't very many options when your flip flop falls apart. But if I don't have an answer then I might just be human. And mommies aren't human- they're, well, mommies. So I stare at her and try to quickly come up with a brilliant plan that will save the day. And I did. I figured out a way to temporarily fix the flip flop so that Olivia could at least make it to the van without breaking health codes or catching some kind of foot fungus. Mommy saves the day once again. I need a cape.

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Penultimatina said...

Nice save, Sarah!

I had a student with the same problem, and he was like "Do you have something to fix my sandal?" Uhh...no. But I did have a mini stapler, which lasted for a block.