Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thirteen Ramblings

1. Jody started his new job at the Cabinet Shop this week, and he loves it. He has better hours now so we actually see him during the week. And best of all, he is happy with where he is working.
2. In my quest to try cloth diapering, I made Paxton a pocket diaper. The diaper turned out really good for being my first attempt at sewing one. Paxton likes it because it has tractors on it. He usually insists on putting a cloth diaper on after his nap. The rest of the day he could care less. I have another pattern to try out but haven’t found the motivation yet.
3. Paxton has a huge scab under his nose where he nose-dived in to the pavement the other day. Thank goodness kids heal quickly. It looks gross.
4. Olivia has suddenly become afraid of thunderstorms. When we had some strong storms the other day, she insisted that we light a candle in case the power went out. It started raining yesterday while she was at the IL’s house yesterday and she had them promptly bring her home. She so reminds me of me as a child.
5. We mopped the floor last night for the first time since I don’t know when. How embarrassing is that! But when your house is one big open space, it’s hard to find the time when the kids aren’t here to get it done.
6. Last night we had Pack Meeting. I arranged for FIL to come teach the boys how to rope a steer. We had to do it in the gym since it was raining. We had a plastic steer head stuck in to a stack of chairs leaned on their side. The boys had a blast. At the end we did a competition between the parents and the boys to see who could get the most points roping a steer head. It ended in a tie. But everyone had a great time trying.
7. Olivia had her WIC appointment today. She weighs 36 pounds and is 42 inches tall. She’s a beanpole!
8. We need to get a new freezer. The one we have is not sealing properly. Ice keeps building up around the edges and aggravating the situation. I have requested that we get an upright freezer this time. That way food doesn’t get lost in the bottom of it.
9. We are going to make the kids a sandbox. We intended on getting Olivia one for her birthday, but it never happened. Now that the weather has cooled off and the ticks aren’t as bad, it seems as good a time as ever to get one. I priced the materials and it looks like the project is a go. This will be my first wood working project so we will see how it turns out.
10. My sister and her son Charlie are coming to visit!! I can’t wait. I miss having my family here sooooo badly. We are going to have so much fun. We’ll probably end up just sitting around watching the kids terrorize each other, but at least we’ll be together.
11. Two weeks until the big Junatic Get Together in Virginia. I’ve never been to the East coast or to the ocean so this is going to be so much fun. And I can’t wait to meet all the women that I have been chatting with for the last 5 years too.
12. My mom is applying for a job down here. Sometimes I think it is totally selfish of me to want her to get it since all my brothers and sisters live in Nebraska, but I could sure use some family around here.
13. Olivia has become obsessed with learning to write her ABC’s and 123’s. She is currently crying because I told her she was writing the 3 backwards. Maybe she won’t be so sad if I tell her that she really made a capital E in cursive.

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