Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Pig Story

Yesterday I was taking care of the kids when Randy and his brother showed up at our door. We don’t usually get many visitors so I was surprised to see them. They said they had been on our land looking for deer tracks and decided to stop by and see our pigs (We raise pigs that we sale and butcher). When they got to the pigpen, the pigs started going crazy and two of them broke out of the pen and escaped. He and his brother hurried and blocked the other two pigs in the pen and proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes chasing down the other two pigs. They finally caught them and put them in the goat pen by the barn. The IL’s dog Boss proved to be quite helpful. He’s a blue heeler and loves to help with the animals. Their other dog KC wasn’t as helpful and ended up pinning the biggest hog down by the neck at one point, biting hard enough to draw blood. She’s a crazy mutt that gets a little too excited. When Randy told me the story, I didn’t believe him. You would think that if two grown men were chasing pigs all over your property you would hear them, but I didn’t. I went up to the goat pen and sure enough there were two pigs in it. One had a scratched up face from running through briars and the other had a bloody neck from where KC went after it. The whole thing is kind of ironic since FIL was thinking about moving the pigs up the pen by the barn anyway. Randy and his brother sure went about moving them the hard way. I would have paid good money to watch them running all over the place trying to catch those pigs.

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Joy Leighanne said...

Sounds like that would be a funny thing to see. Shame you didn't see it, or even better, get it on tape. {{laugh}}