Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Bag Lady

I made a purse/bag because my old backpack diaperbag shelled out on me. I looked at some bags I liked on ebay, but they were out of my price range. While going through some sewing stuff the other day I came across a pattern I bought when the fabric store had patterns for .99 a while back. I bought it thinking that one day it might come in handy. So after taking a few notes on the bags for sale on ebay, I headed to the store for supplies. With a few alterations I was able to make a bag in less than a day, and it turned out great.

I already have several friends interested in buying one. Last night I dreamed about fabric. Today I started cutting out pieces. I'm going to the fabric store tomorrow to buy fabric while it is still on sale. I am excited but nervous. I hope they are happy with my work. I tend to be a perfectionist, but I worry that I will disappoint. And thus I have begun my new venture as a bag lady.

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Joy Leighanne said...

You know I am wanting one! And I know everyone will be thrilled with them.