Wednesday, June 04, 2008

7 Month Well Baby Check Up

The stats:
15 lb 11 oz - 10%
27.25 inches long - 50%

Sawyer is consistent on his growth curve. He's just a peanut. He's 3 pounds lighter than Olivia and Paxton were at his age. His pediatrician is concerned that he is refusing all solids and will only drink breast milk. He suggested having someone else keep Sawyer for 24 hours and have them offer the food. Seems a little drastic to me at this point. The ped said if Sawyer doesn't start eating within the next month he may need therapy. Only my kid would need therapy to learn to eat. The ped also says his size may be causing his fussiness. Small size means less hormones and chemicals in his body which means slower development; therefore, he asks more like a 5 month old than a 7 month old. Sounds like a good theory to me. The ped also said it looks like Sawyer's 4 bottom teeth are all coming through at about the same time and they are close to the surface. That could explain a lot of the fussiness and the constant chewing on everything in site.

I went ahead and had Sawyer get his first vaccine - DTaP. I never in my life thought I would be a delayed/selective vaccinator. After much research, I'm doing what feels right for Sawyer, our family and our community. Luckily the ped is supportive of us vaxing on our own schedule. I'll probably do one vaccine a month which was fine with the doctor. He also wants me to bring Sawyer back at 9 months to see how he is developing. Hopefully all is well and Sawyer is just a slow sprouter.

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