Monday, September 29, 2008

And after the mastitis…

…comes thrush. I should have clued in when Sawyer started refusing his paci. He always uses his paci. The next day I noticed the big white spot on his tongue. Now this really is my worst fear nursing. The thought of treating yeast is overwhelming to me. I called my ob who prescribed 2 weeks of Diflucan and called the ped. nurse who called in a script for Nystatin. Sawyer finished up the Nystatin yesterday and I still have a couple days left of the Diflucan. For the first time since I started nursing, it doesn’t hurt to breastfeed. I figure that the yeast has probably been the problem for a long time and the antibiotics I was on for mastitis sent it into overdrive. I’ve washed clothes and bras and towels and toys and bottles and pacis like crazy hoping to get rid of the yeast. Do you know how impossible it is to wash everything that a 10 month old puts in his mouth?! I really hope it’s gone and we can continue on with a better nursing experience. It seems like I have had nothing but problems this time.

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