Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Trip to the DMV

I had to go to the DMV to register Jody’s new (used) truck. Like the true stay at home mom that I am, I toted all 3 kids with me. We no more than got our number and sat down when Paxton started doing the potty dance. There were only two people ahead of me so I didn’t want to miss my turn. I could see the bathroom from where I was sitting so I told Olivia to take him.

They were in the bathroom for a few minutes when Olivia pokes her head out and yells, “Mom, Paxton’s going poop!” This kid’s bowels have the worst timing. I told her to tell me when he was finished and I would come wipe his butt (motherhood is such a glorious job). Every once in a while she would poke her head out to give me updates.

Soon it was my turn to go to the counter. I was busy getting the title and license switched over while balancing Sawyer- who is trying to grab my pen and check book and anything else he can get his hand’s on- on my hip when I hear Olivia yell from around the corner “He’s done!” “Tell him he has to wait a few minutes, “ I say. A few minutes later she yells, “He’s getting mad!” Now I’m hearing snickers behind me from the other people waiting.
Unfortunately I had to have Jody sign some paperwork before I could register the car. So I grabbed my stack of papers and high tailed it to the bathroom. I got Paxton cleaned up and headed out the door. You couldn’t miss the chuckles as we walked out the door. We headed to Jody’s work so he could sign the paperwork. Then it was back to the DMV. That trip was a little less exciting.

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