Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I turn 29. How crazy is that?! We went to the market this morning where I found some good deals. We came home and loaded up FIL's goats to take to the goat auction.

Olivia wanted Jody to take her to get me chocolates (shhh! she doesn't know I know what she wants to get me for my birthday), but Jody couldn't take her because FIL got called into work so Jody had to take the goats to the auction for him. Olivia had a good cry about that. So instead she made me a "scrapbook" and gave me a card. MIL must have found the card for her. Olivia was so proud that she scratched out the 'Happy Mother's Day' on the inside of the card and wrote happy birthday. Paxton was disappointed that I only got one present. He was looking forward to helping me open them.

I took a two hour nap this afternoon. It was wonderful. We splurged and went to Wings to Go for supper and Sonic for dessert. The kids were very well behaved which is an added bonus.

So this is my last year as a twenty something. I swear it seems like just yesterday I was turning 18. 29 years old, married for 8+ years and the mother of three kids. I'm such a grown up now. I'm "getting old" as Olivia would say. And she hasn't even noticed all the grey hair I am starting to see in the mirror.

I wouldn't change a thing. This is the life I dreamed of as a kid. Ok, let's be honest. I wouldn't mind a bigger house and a tidier family, but that would just be an added bonus.

So here's to another year!

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Lisa said...

Hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday! Being in your 30's isn't as bad as everyone makes it sound....I still feel like I am 18! lol