Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well child check-ups

Sawyer and Paxton had well child check-ups today. The stats are:
weight 37 lbs
height 41.25 in
bp 98/60

weight 20 lbs
height 27.75 in
head circ 18.5 in

Both boys are doing great. Sawyer got another DTaP shot. The ped suggested bringing him back in 2 months since he is "behind" on the immunization schedule. No kidding! I've started having pain in my boobs again and Sawyer has been nursing funny so I mentioned to the ped that I thought Sawyer might be getting thrush again. I really don't think he was treated long enough to get rid of it in the first place. He checked Sawyer's mouth and said it was clear and then gave me some spill about how yeast is naturally in our body so it might just be a fact of life for me. Whatever. Sawyer has a big white patch on his tongue again this evening and I have had more itching and burning as the day has progressed. I think we might try gentian violet and GSE pills tomorrow. I'm also doing research on probiotics. I want this stuff gone for good!

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