Thursday, April 23, 2009

Too much drama

Yesterday afternoon my sister and I were snoozing on the couch while the kids ran around and played. The phone rang around 3 and it was my FIL. He asked if I would come up to the house and I said sure. Then he started crying. I told Sendai to come with and we left the kids with Adriana. We got up there and he had a migraine so bad that he was whimpering and crying in pain. He was just seen at a headache clinic on Monday so we dug around to find the number and called them. FIL was in so much pain that he wanted me to just call an ambulance. I tried to hold off, but the clinic wasn't returning my call. Finally I said screw it and called for the ambulance. I thought about trying to drive him but I know he gets priority if he goes to the ER in the ambulance. While we waited for them to get there (which took forever) I called up to MIL's work to tell her to meet us at the hospital. Sendai was suppose to go get Soraya from the bus so she had to call the school and tell them the situation. She loaded up all the kids and went to meet the bus to pick her up. FIL's relatives heard the call on the scanner so his sister called to say she was calling his mom. A little while later FIL's brother showed up. After the ambulance got there and loaded him up, I followed them to hospital. When we got there, MIL and his mom, sister and cousin where already there waiting. They ended up doping FIL up with stadol, phenergan and benadryl. It knocked him out so I left to get home and feed the pigs. They had FIL discharged by 7.

My sister decided to stay the night so we didn't have to shuffle the kids around. This morning while she was waiting for the bus, she heard dogs barking and some weird noises. She decided to check on the pigs on the way back to the house. 2 large dogs jumped out of the pen as she was walking up. They had mauled all three pigs. She sent a note with Benjamin for me to hurry up to the pen and bring the phone. When I got there the pigs were laying in their house with chunks out of them and bleeding. We got in the pen and they didn't move. I had to track down FIL because he wasn't at home. He ran to the little restaurant in town to eat breakfast. He got home just as I was driving out to find him. He saw the pigs and said he would call his brother Earl to come shoot them. Earl came over and ended up only having to shoot 2 of them because one was up and eating. They sprayed it down with antibiotic and we hope she makes it.

Meanwhile Jody is out of town. Luckily he is coming back tonight. There has been way too much drama since he's been gone. Thankgoodness my sister is here or I would be a mess. I need a vacation.

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