Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thirteen Things About My Week

1. I had a great 4th of July. We had some of Pa's famous bbq spare ribs and shot off about 3 hours worth of fireworks. No one was injured and everyone had a great time. It made for a great holiday in my book.
2. Paxton gobbled up a ton of Arkansas' famous Cave City watermelon last night and even signed for more. I've been signing for the boy since he was 4 months old so it's nice to see the work finally pay off.
3. Today I took the kids to a waterpark and the Omaha Children's Museum. I was impressed with both.
4. I need a new swimsuit. I thought the one I had was okay until I saw a picture of myself in it. Let's just say it wasn't as flattering as I had hoped. My older sister is assisting me in my quest. So far it has involved purchasing 5 swimsuits from local thrift stores. Sadly, only one actually fit.
5. You would think that if you wore the kids out by keeping them busy all day, they would go to sleep easily. This was not the case tonight.
6. My mom is hosting a Get Together tomorrow night. I'm hoping to make at least $50 in sales which would double the amount I made at the last two Get Togethers I held combined. Sad, I know.
7. Yes Pa, we know tomorrow is trash day.
8. I went to three yardsales today. I found some baby girl clothes to resale and a John Deere keychain for Jody. The girls tried to talk me into buying some worthless junk. I was not easily persuaded. I told them to find something worth paying for and I'd be happy to buy it for them. They weren't too happy about it.
9. Pa brought me home a jr. banana split with chocolate and caramel from Sonic. It was delish! I hope he gets me one again sometime soon (hint, hint).
10. Pa and the missionaries went to Home Teach a man from church. Apparently he has a big hairy dog because they had to come by the house and vacuum their clothes before going to their next appointment. It was an amusing sight to see.
11. I grew up to believe that taking out trash was a man chore. My dad doesn't remember teaching us that childhood lesson.
12. I helped my older sister move some furniture today. We managed to do it without getting injured. If you knew me or my sister, you would know that that is a big accomplishment.
13. When Olivia talks to Jody on the phone, she has a tendency to have a fatigue-induced breakdown. It breaks the poor man's heart. Honest, Jody, she really is having fun here.

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1 comment:

aNNa said...

Liar! Two men were injured. Dad had a burn to the leg and chuck got a sparkler burn on his hand. You should get your thirteen facts straight.