Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why I don't make plans...

I went to a CM meeting last night. While I was there a woman said the quote "If you want to hear God laugh, make plans". This could be the moto of my life. Take today for instance:

My sister Anna called to see if I wanted to take the kids to the zoo (we had planned on going on Monday but the weather was bad). Anna has a zoo pass so she can get us in for free. She had a dentist appointment, and then she was going to get us into the zoo and then go home. While she was on the way, my other sister Sendai called to see what we were doing today. I told her we were going to the zoo, and she decided to take her kids too. She also has a zoo pass so we figured between both passes we could get everyone in for free.

Anna called after her appointment to see if I just wanted to meet at the zoo. I told her Sendai was coming but wasn't here yet so she should meet me at the house. Then Sendai called and asked what I was doing. I told her I was waiting for Anna to get here. She said they were headed out the door when she discovered that her daughter Soraya had stuck a rock up her nose and she couldn't get it out. She wanted me to watch the kids while she ran Soraya to the medical clinic.

So she brought the kids over. Anna hung around for a while until it was obvious that we weren't going to be able to make it to the zoo. About five minutes after Anna left, Sendai called and said that on her last attempt before medical intervention, Soraya was able to dislodge the rock by blowing it out. They had to stop at Target to get a toy for Soraya being well behaved a tthe clinic, and then they would be back back.

So you see, this is why I don't make plans. I make generalizations about what I would like to accomplish or do in the near future. It's safer that way. And there is less disappointment. A sense of humor helps too. After all, who wouldn't laugh about a kid with a rock stuck up her nose.

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