Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is this day over yet?

Can you tell what kind of day I had today?

Sawyer has been sick. I had to drop off clothes for a consignment sale today at 4 o'clock. I had planned on pricing everything last night after Sawyer went to sleep. Instead I ended up taking Sawyer to an Uri-Care and getting home late. So today I had to work like crazy to get everything priced and ready to go. Of course Sawyer wanted to be held since he didn't feel good. He finally took a nap so I was able to get almost everything done.

In the meantime, the kids completely detroyed the house - food everywhere, toys everywhere, clothes everywhere. Is this what my house would look like if I didn't pick up constantly throughout the day? Was it I who raised these animals?

Needless to say, the kids and I didn't get along very well today as evidenced in the picture Olivia drew for me. I was able to turn it into a teachable moment. You spell mom m-o-m not m-a-m although Olivia had to point out that I am a ma'am too. [sigh]

Let's just say, I'm glad this day is over. Here's hoping tomorrow is better.

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