Friday, February 15, 2008

We got our yearly dose of nicotine and our taxes done this evening. The highlight was watching our accountant’s dog humping a pillow. Seriously, the dog would hump the pillow until it was worn out, lie down and rest for a few minutes and then get up and start humping the pillow again. This went on the entire time we were in her office. It was freaking hilarious!

We are getting back a fat return again. Jody has dreams of putting it in the bank, and I have dreams of getting rock for our road, fixing his car and some other minor things. Jody and I agree that we wouldn’t get along as well if we actually had money. He would want to save every penny and I would want to do a little retail therapy now and then.
Speaking of retail therapy, I found Boggle Jr. on sale for $5 at Wal-Mart. Olivia has been watching me play Scramble and repeatedly asks to play. Now she can play too. I figure it will be a nice supplement for her lessons. And of course Paxton is excited to play too.
The flu is running rampant around these parts. I heard that the hospital and ER were so crowded with flu patients that people were lined up in the halls with IVs. It makes me not want to go anywhere or take the kids anywhere. I feel guilty for not getting them the flu shot (they’ve gotten it every other year), but I’ve heard that it doesn’t cover the strains going around. My one consolation is that at least Olivia isn’t in school. I’m sure that greatly decreases our exposure. Olivia is invited to a birthday party tomorrow and Jody suggested that she not go just because of everything going around. Does that make us over-protective parents?

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