Sunday, September 23, 2007

Birth Control

As part of Olivia's lessons, she is making an alphabet book. After she studies a new letter of the alphabet, she cuts out pictures from a magazine that start with that letter and glues them to a piece of paper. The only magazine I've had recently is Parents magazine so she has been using it. The other day she was looking for pictures that began with a particular letter when she came across an advertisement for the Mirena IUD. It showed someone holding the IUD in the palm of their hand, presumably to show how small and unobtrusive the IUD would be in your uterus. Olivia asked what it was. The conversation went something like this:

O- What is that?
Me- An IUD
O- What's it for?
Me- To help a woman not have a baby
O- Does she have to keep it in her hand?
Me- {Trying not to laugh hysterically} No, it goes in her uterus

Wouldn't that be some form of birth control! Just carry it around in your hand all the time. ROFL

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