Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Olivia-isms

Olivia has become pretty much obsessed with babies and pregnancy lately. She likes to look through pregnancy and childbirth books with me and ask questions about the pictures. This has led to various discussions about the female anatomy.

Jody was out of town so the ILs watched Olivia and Paxton for me while I went to a meeting at church. While there, Olivia was praticing writing words. She wrote down O-V but she and MIL couldn't think of any words that started with that letter combination. When she told me about it, I immediately said the word O-V-E-R. MIL said that is what FIL suggested after the fact. After thinking a little more I said or O-V-A-R-Y. Olivia hollers, "I said that, but Mamaw wouldn't listen." Apparently, MIL didn't think a 5 year old would know that word. I told her that Olivia had the parts so she might as well know what they are called. Then Olivia blurts out, "And I have a vaginamus." I thought MIL was going to wet her pants right there.

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