Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A labor of love

Wanna know what kind of a screwed up company Jody works for. Yesterday he was supposed to work from 5am-5pm. A supervisor insisted Jody needed to learn how to operate the freezer on a new line, but he uses a similar freezer on a different line so he didn't understand why. We told him he should try to get off early so he could come to the fish fry with us. He called me around 10:30 and said that they had him doing trash all day so he would be able to get off around 1:30. He'll probably be doing trash all day tomorrow since his line isn't going to run, and he wants to get hours in so he can have Friday off. He wanted me to let our friends know he'd be able to make it to the fish fry. I call and confirm with our friends, and life is good. Jody calls back around 1 and wants to know if I talked to our friends. Yes, I say. They are going to have it done around 4. He says he'll probably have to take off for an hour or so and go back to work because he has to change the molds on his line since they are running tomorrow. WTH?! I thought they weren't running tomorrow. Well, he ended up getting half the molds changed over and making it to the fish fry a little late. Someone else was going to get the rest done. I seriously do not understand the company he works for. They DO NOT know what is going on from one hour to the next and it is the most frstrating thing on earth to watch. We can't plan what is going on from one day to the next because they are constantly changing his hours. I can't imagine having to work in that kind of environment. Jody said it used to bother him but now he watches it all play out with amusement. I can't imagine how upper management decides scheduling. My guess is it involves a dart board or magic 8 ball.

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