Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mr. Brown passed away last night. He was a family friend and fellow junker. The cruelness of cancer took him. His family is in our prayers.
Paxton is sick. I am sick. I want to crawl in bed and not come out until I feel better. Not going to happen today though.
I took my car to get fixed yesterday. The news isn't good. It needs:

New brakes
Rear brakes cleaned
4 new tires and alignment
Front in alignment
Contact & Plungers for automatic sliding door

The extended warranty will cover:
Left front axel
Left tire rod end

Total cost: $992.01 + tax

Can I just tell you how bad this sucks?! We are not rich. We make enough money to get by and sometimes a little less. Jody works and we sacrifice so I can stay home with the kids. But we are happy and live cheap and live is good. And then we get a bill like this. My dad gave me these words of wisdom: You might as well spend the money on this or something else will break. Aint that the truth! That's the way things seem to work around here. I haven't told Jody yet. He'll probably cry.


Strong Enough said...

Wow, that is some bill. How much are they charging you for the tires? Do you really need those right now? Maybe put a hold on that till later. I am so glad to have an auto mechanic for a husband.

I hope you guys feel better soon!

aNNa said...

Sorry about Mr Brown...and Mr Bill. Life stinks sometimes.
big hugs