Monday, March 27, 2006

A mess of fish

Yesterday we went fishing with our friends Randy and Sharol and their son Tom (I babysat Tom for about a year and a half). Jody and I used to do a lot of fishing before we had kids. They are finally getting old enough that we can go without it being a big ordeal. We went to one of the back ponds on the ranch. The crappie started biting good once the wind died down. Olivia and Tom ran around and played in the fields. Paxton wondered around for a while. When his attraction to the water became too great, I buckled him in his carseat in the van and let him watch Baby Neptune. Thankgoodness for portable DVD players! He watched the movie a couple times, and by the time he was bored with it we were almost ready to go home. I only caught two fish - one with a Scooby Doo fishing pole. Jody thought it was hilarious and just had to take a picture. Olivia also got to reel in her first fish. She was excited and a little scared. We ended up catching enough fish for a hardy meal. We went to Randy and Sharols this afternoon and had a nice fish fry. I can't wait to do some more fishing.

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Strong Enough said...

Great pictures, Sarah! You look like a pro with that fish!