Friday, May 26, 2006


I think we all have one of those friends. She seems like the perfect wife and mother. She sews. She's crafty. She makes furniture with power tools. Her house is beautifully decorated and always tidy. She has a big family and her kids are happy and beautiful and well-mannered. She's the mom we all secretly want to be. We idolize her and think if only I could be as great a woman as she is.

I have a friend like that. She has six of the cutest kids. She has a great relationship with her husband and her extended family. She has beautiful, creative scrapbooks. She even made and stained a headboard for her bedroom. She's the kind of mom I want to be. She is the perfect homemaker.

One day I had to go to her house unexpectedly to pick something up. I had to laugh when I got there. On her loveseat in the livingroom was about six loads of laundry that needed to be folded. Maybe we weren't so different. I had a similar pile of laundry to be folded at my house too.

One day at church a group of us women were talking about cooking. My friend confessed that she didn't bake. She made everything if the microwave. I was shocked. She didn't bake. But she was the perfect homemaker!

It's funny how as woman we compare ourselves to each other. There is always someone who seems to be more pretty, more creative, more together. But we are more alike then we give ourselves credit for. We have the same struggles, the same hopes, the same desires. We need to change our image of perfection for it may be looking at us in the mirror.


Mel said...

AMEN Sister girl! *LOL*

Froggie Mama said...

I really liked this, Sarah. You are so right. :) I think every Mother needs to remember that!