Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

The Easter Cantata was beautiful minus the 18 month old sitting next to me making a horrible screeching sound. Half way through the performance I began to question why I even tried to go. We ended up listening to the second half in the lobby. It was beautiful music none the less.

I realized before we left for the performance that in my lack of Easter enthusiasm I didn't purchase any plastic eggs to hide for the kids. It took three stores to find some. When we got home I had to do some last minute finishing touches on Olivia's dress. I got the kids to bed and switched to Easter bunny mode.

We somehow managed to sleep in this morning. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was 7:40. We have to leave the house be 8:35 to get to church on time. I jumped into the shower before the kids got up. Olivia, Paxton and Jody all found their baskets (Jody with a little prodding) and the kids found all their eggs. We got ready for church in record time and managed to get there in time for the sacrament hymn.

I must brag and say how cute Olivia was in her dress. She calls it her ballerina dress and had to hop and dance everywhere she went. We took some pictures outside when we got home from church. Please excuse my hair. I didn't have time to fix it pretty.

Olivia in her dress:

The kids and me:

Our happy family:

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