Thursday, April 13, 2006

A hard working man

Jody has the next 5 days off work. Anyone that knows Jody knows that just because he isn't at work doesn't mean he isn't finding a way to make some money. Yesterday he hauled off a load of scrapmetal that's been sitting on our trailer for a month. He invited Paxton and me to go because he thought Paxton might like to see the tractors.

We took the load to Tenenbaum's in NLR. We had to take FILs truck to pull the heavy load. I think it's the first time Paxton rode in the pick-up on the road and he enjoyed the great view.

If you can ignore the smell, Tenebaum's is a facinating place to go. They have a giant machine that basically eats metal and grinds it up into little pieces. It's fun watching the machine that Jody's dubbed "The Claw" grab the metal off the trailer and put it on the conveyor belt to be eaten.

The first time we went to Tenebaum's we didn't know what to expect. Hard hats are required so we had to use some that they had. Now that Jody is a "professional" scrapmetal hauler, he has his own hard hat that for some unknown reason he painted purple. I guess it's his own little fashion statement to the metal hauling world.

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Jen said...

How neat!! I know Alyssa would be facinated with a place like that! Thats one hard workin man you got there! :)