Monday, April 24, 2006

The Illusion

I hate what the media is doing to our world. Our wants, needs and desires are all based on illusions that are made up for us. How skinny we are, the right clothes, the perfect hair do...none of it really matters. It's all based on perceptions. A perception that is constantly changing. How did we get roped into it? Is it part of the mob mentality that causes groups to act out in a crazed fashion because everyone is doing it and we're caught up in the moment? We are smart. We are intelligent. We are wise. But we allow it to be put in our head that with the right purse and sunglasses we are somehow a better person. How dare someone tell me I am not beautiful! This is the way my Heavenly Father made me. How dare the world tell my little girl that she isn't perfect just the way she is! She is a beauiful creation of our Father in Heaven. I want her to grow up to be a strong person. A person unaffected by the illusion that the world wants her to buy into.

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