Thursday, March 22, 2007

Enough already?!

So I called my ob about the spotting. I'm not spotting a lot but it's enough to make me nervous. His nurse said to take it easy tonight and to let her know how I was doing in the morning.

Fast forward to supper time. Jody was burning some trash on the burn pile by his shed. He went outside to give the cat some scraps. He came running in the house and said, "I need the fire extinguisher! My sheds on fire!" I ran out and hooked up a hose while Olivia drug it towards the shed. Jody got another hose and hooked it up so it would reach the shed. He was able to get the fire out quickly. There was minimal damage to the shed. Had he went out 5 minutes later, the shed probably would have been engulfed in flames. So much for taking it easy. Is this week over yet?

Oh, and Jody said he will not longer be using the burn pile by his shed.

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