Sunday, March 04, 2007


I called Pa to ask him a question I had regarding a friend's question about a scripture. While discussing the scripture with my dad, it led to conversation about other spiritual matters. We started discussing the teachings of Isaiah, the Twelve Tribes of Isreal and our own personal scripture study. It was so reaffirming to me of why I know our Church is true. I have a testimony, but sometimes things become routine- going to church, taking the sacrament, sitting through sacrament meeting, reading our scriptures, trying to do what is right- and I forget to recognize the magnitude of the Gospel and how everything throughout history is tied together. The Church just makes sense, and I can't believe how vast it's teaching extend. It's amazing how a simple conversation could help reaffirm and strengthen my testimony. It makes me want to learn and study more about the Gospel so my tstimony can continue to grow.

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