Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

First of all: Happy Father's Day, Pa! I wish I could be there to celebrate but a lousy blog entry will have to do.

Second of all: I basically had two options today. Ignore Father's Day like my husband did for Mother's Day or buy him gifts and go the guilt trip route. I chose option 2. Jody's been needing some new clothes that are church worthy and a new pair of shoes. This seemed like a good opportunity to buy them and use it to my advantage. We planned on having steaks for dinner and inviting the ILs. I bought a french silk pie for dessert because I know Jody's been wanting one. The first thing Jody asked is why I got him stuff for FD when he didn't get me anythingfor MD. I told him it wasn't from me, it was from the kids, and that I wanted to teach him how to celebrate a sentimental holiday correctly. Maybe it sunk in a little bit. I guess I'll find out in a little less then a year.

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alyceclover said...

My ex never got me anything for Mohter's Day, his logic was I wasn't his Mom. I always got things (or helped them make cards & get things) for him for Father's Day. I also pointed out that his Mom wasn't his "sweetheart" yet he always got her Valentine's presents. : >