Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thirteen Reasons I'm Scared to Have Another Baby

1. My sister calls it Third Baby Syndrome. You have two healthy kids and you don't want to tempt fate by having another baby because you've been so lucky. I have Third Baby Syndrome.
2. I've never worried about money until this past year. Do we really have enough income to provide for a bigger family? Will we be able to give the kids everything they need and mayby a little more?
3. Our house is little. And another kid would fit where? (Although I was very reassured a few weeks ago while watching Buster on PBS when there were 5 kids sharing one room in a little trailer. Suddenly my house didn't seem so small.)
4. If we have another baby we will be outnumbered 3:2. The odds won't be in our favor, and that in itself is scary.
5. Do I have enough energy to have another baby? The two I have wear me out. What will adding another one to the mix do?
6. Do I have enough patience for another baby? Starting over is so scary. I get in my groove, and I don't take change well.
7. In the last year I've known of one baby being born with severe birth defects and dying, 2 stillbirths, countless miscarriages, a tubal pregnancy, one SIDS death, a mother dying from hemmorage and a pregnant mom being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. If that doesn't give you a reality check, I don't know what will.
8. How will the kids handle another baby? Will they love it and play with it and be happy with an addition to the family? Will I be able to give each of the kids the attention they need and deserve?
9. What will happen to my body this time? Between saggy boobs, hemmrhoids and stretch marks, how much more damage will be done?
10. Poor Jody. All I have to do is mention another baby and his face turns a pastey white.
11. I do a lot of traveling. Traveling with three will be a lot more challenging physically and mentally.
12. Suddenly the physical risks of having a baby are so much higher. If something should happen to me, the stakes are higher. I have a husband and two children who depend on me.
13. Three kids may be all we have. I don't know if I'm ready to be done yet. My entire life, all I've wanted to be is a mother and have babies. I'm just not ready for that phase of my life to be over.

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aNNa said...

13 reasons you should be a mom
1. You are the greatest mom ever!
2. You have the greatest baby bumps.
3. Your boobs get huge!
4. Your boobs get huge! Worth repeating
5. You make beautiful babies.
6. I love painting your belly bump.
7. I love taking care of them when they are born.
8. We need a new photography victim.
9. You don't want to space them too far apart.
10. Your boobs will be huge! (Jody told me to type it again)
11. It's a tax deduction. (it worked on jody to get us olivia, emember?)
12. You need to make the gas mileage of the minivan worth it.
13. You're not a true mormon unless you have at least a basketball team :)

Cricket said...

I love reading your honesty and soul searching. I always said I didn't want more kids than I had hands, but my exILs decided they didn't want more kids than their COMBINED hands. So they have four.

Thanks for commenting at my place, too.

Froggie Mama said...

Awww! Baby fever, huh?? I really liked what your friend Anna said!! The big boobs part cracked me up! :)

You're a great Mommy and I don't think you'd have any trouble having three!! Good luck!

PixiePincessMom said...

I've had 3 & now I'm dieing for one more. Don't know what it is about those sweet little things that just has me melting. However, we're not going to have another one. #3 was a surprise gift from God & so after that I shut it down. LOL! But let me assure you; it will work out if you do decide to have another one. :-)

the_yecart said...

I want one, and am having trouble making it happen, so if you do have another, and want to give him or her to me, that would be ok too!

Love the big boobs comment!

You sound like you have room in your heart for more, and That's all that really counts. God takes care of us all and makes things happen for a reason.