Sunday, June 18, 2006

Olivia's Birthday Party

Olivia the Princess

The cake

Paxton playing on the Slip n' Slide

Olivia's birthday party turned out to be a huge success. It rained Saturday morning but eased up just in time for the party. The kids got to play in the rain for a little while, but they didn't seem to mind. The Slip n' Slide was a blast and made for great pictures. Olivia's friend James provided great entertainment when he whipped out his boyhood in the middle of the yard and proceeded to pee. Later on he had a few streaking incidents too. It was hilarious (although his mom was a tad embarassed). Olivia couldn't wait to eat her birthday cake. She blew her candles out so quickly I didn't even get a picture. She got lots of great presents. She got 4 new dresses and lots of craft supplies. Overall, I think Olivia had a great party. She's already talking about her Dora party next year.


Christine said...

Hi there, My aunt recently sent me the link to your blog and I've checked it out a few times. I don't usually leave too many comments on the blogs of people I don't know but I had to write and say Great Cake!
I also wanted to mention that my daughter (also Olivia btw) had a Dora party for her 2nd birthday last year and I did a Dora cake for it. (You can download the pattern for it from the Nick Jr website

If you're interested, the pics from her party with the cake in it are located here:
and here:

The first one shows her with the cake (so you can see the apx size) and the second one is a close up of the cake.

It was actually much easier than I expected considering I've only ever done one other "fancy" cake before, which was a pumpkin for her 1st birthday. For me fancy is anything other than just slapping some icing on to cover the bare cake up. lol

mary said...

She beat me to it: GREAT CAKE! It worked. You are a great Mom.