Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I put a call into my eye doctor's office because I've been having nothing but problems with the new contacts he prescribed to me back in December. My eyes hurt whenever I wear them and I want to switch back to my old brand. I talked to the receptionist lady and told her my concerns. She said she needed to talk to the doctor and he or she would call me back. It would be a few minutes though because he was in with a patient. Well it's been over two hours and still no call back. Is it unreasonable to ask that they be prompt? Do I have nothing better to do then sit by the phone all day waiting for a call? I just find it frustrating. It's the same thing when you call the doctor's office. I call because I have a real, legitimate concern and sometimes it takes hours to hear back. Nothing like waiting 4 hours for a call, they call 30 minutes before the office closes and say, your child should really be seen today. You should take him to the ER. Uh, that's what I was trying to avoid by calling you 4 hours ago!!! Take a deep breath.

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