Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wanna go shopping?

I went shopping with a friend of mine this evening. Our husbands both had plans, and we didn't feel like sitting at home by ourselves, so we decided to get together and have a little fun. We went to two stores and took the kids to Sonic for supper. I ended up buying 2 shirts, a skirt, a cami and a sweater. I've been needing some new outfits for church and just happened to find some cute, good deals on the sales racks. I also got Jody a new dress shirt for church. I hope he likes the colors. For not caring much for clothing, the man can sure be picky. I'm so proud of myself for getting some new clothes. Between the guilt I get for spending money and being cheap, I usually don't buy anything for myself. And the best part is - I'm going to look so cute tomorrow!

1 comment:

Mel said...

Good for you!.. you needed to spend some money on yourself. If you are anything like me you really don't do it enough. Hey.. how about some pictures of you in your new clothes *wink*